Profitable user growth is at the heart of what we offer

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App Store Optimization (ASO)

We unleash the power of organic user growth by giving you boosted visibility on the app stores through keyword research, metadata optimization, store page A/B testing, ratings and reviews optimizations.

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TikTok Ads

We specialize in harnessing the power of TikTok Ads to unlock your app's potential. Our strategic and data-driven approach maximizes user acquisition, engagement, and revenue growth through targeted TikTok ad campaigns.

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Snapchat Ads

We specialize in leveraging Snapchat Ads to capture the attention of your target audience. Our strategic approach combines creative storytelling and precise targeting to drive app installs, engagement, and long-term user retention on the Snapchat platform.

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Google App Campaigns

We set you up for incremental user growth & revenue boost through Google App Campaigns. With our ROI-driven approach, we plan and execute custom-tailored advertising campaigns towards your business goals.

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Apple Search Ads

We take your paid marketing budget and turn it into real users and revenue. We establish Apple Search Ads strategies to prepare your app for in-app monetized events such as signups and subscriptions.

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Facebook Ads

We are experts in harnessing the power of Facebook Ads to drive significant user growth and maximize your return on investment. With our data-driven approach and industry-leading strategies, we help you unlock the full potential of Meta's advertising platform.

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What values define ShyftUp?

Keyword Research

Our access to advanced set of tools allows us to perform an extensive keyword search. We identify every relevant, high-volume and long-tail keyword that your app needs to be ranking for. We then determine the strategy and put together a plan that details what actions need to be taken to get you to the top.

Competitive Analysis

Understanding your competitors to the core is the key to defeating them. We assemble a thorough analysis of your competitors that outlines how your competitors get more visibility on the app stores than your app and why. We develop an action plan to get you ahead of them all.

App Health Analysis

We take a deep dive into your app’s internal metrics and put together a plan to improve the ones that have a direct impact on your app’s visibility in the app stores, such as uninstalls, crashes & ANRs. 

Keyword Optimizations

We prepare and roll out keyword optimizations to the textual fields on the App Store and Google Play Store on a regular basis. The goal is to improve the keyword performance as a whole and consequently grow the volume of installs coming from app store searches.

Creative A/B Testing

We are a full-service ASO agency and we cover everything from A to Z. We have an in-house design team experienced in app store screenshot production. We see our creative team as a well-oiled machine that produces high-quality creatives extraordinarily fast. There are no limits to the number of variation and revisions of screenshots our team creates. We run A/B tests for each creative that we produce to quantify the conversion rate uplift they drive.

Ratings & Reviews Improvements

Maintaining a steady flow of 5-star ratings and reviews is a major factor for app store ranking algorithms. We have proven, 100% white-hat methods to get your ratings and reviews above and beyond 4.5 stars. We give your app the recognition and reputation it deserves.

Localization & Global Expansion

Localizing your app’s store listing properly for different markets is a guaranteed way to increase your installs. Our team has the capability to fully localize your app store listing to penetrate into any market in the World. From translations to localized creatives, we can get it done.


Complete transparency and frequent feedback are what we strive for. You will be receiving reports and insights on the performance of your campaigns on a daily basis.We also built our own proprietary technology, Metrikal, which allows us to measure the impact of Google UAC on organic keyword rankings. We quantify the relationship between Google UAC and ASO, understanding the holistic impact of the two.

No Minimum Commitment

Our average client retention rate is two and a half years, even though we do not require any minimum commitment.