Metrikal: ASO KPI Reporting Dashboard

Track vital user acquisition KPIs on one dashboard.

At Shyftup, we deliver tangible results.
We Developed Metrikal an ASO KPI Reporting Dashboard Technology, as a side product of our KPI-Driven Approach.


What Is Metrikal?

Metrikal is an ASO KPI reporting dashboard that helps our clients to track all their ASO optimizations and visualizes how much growth they drive. By using Metrikal you can track all your ASO KPIs in one dashboard.

Holistic Approach

We strongly believe that there is a natural synergy between ASO and Paid UA and that the two constantly feed into one another. Therefore, we designed our dashboard to bring together data from the Google Play Developer Console, App Store Connect, Apple Search Ads and Mobile Action via API integrations to quantify and visualize the correlation between different marketing efforts.

KPI - Driven Actions

With Metrikal, we are able to gain a full picture of paid & organic app marketing performance, updated weekly. This includes total installs, installs from search, ratings and more. Our dashboard allows us to see the progression of each keyword ranking over time as well as total number and averaged position of the keywords we rank for. Every action we take is directed towards improving a KPI.

Tangible Results

We designed Metrikal in a way to give us full accountability for every optimization we roll out and every A/B test we run. Our dashboard makes KPI tracking easy by visualizing the exact keywords you use in your store listings, where you use them (title, subtitle, keyword list, etc.), and how they impact ranking over time. There is no room for us to make up stories; our numbers speak on our behalf.

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