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How Personal Capital Boosted Rankings Via ShyftUp’s KPI Driven Approach

How Personal Capital Boosted Rankings Via ShyftUp’s KPI Driven Approach
icon-How Personal Capital Boosted Rankings Via ShyftUp’s KPI Driven Approach

Personal Capital is a remote-delivery, industry-leading digital wealth management company based in California. Personal Capital’s mission is to transform financial lives through technology and people. Its tools and technology provide investors with a complete financial picture.

Among its tools & technology, Personal Capital Investing and Finance App is a smart way to track and manage personal finance in one place—bank accounts, stocks, retirement funds, and investments. It isn’t just a portfolio tracker, it is a professional-grade tech to help take control of your finances.

The Challenge

Personal Capital’s marketing team was fully aware of the importance of App Store Optimization (ASO) and its impact on mobile growth when they first approached ShyftUp.

While they tried to run in-house ASO efforts to a certain extent, they did not have the bandwidth or the mechanisms in place to systematically roll out keyword optimizations or creative A/B tests. Hence, Personal Capital turned to ShyftUp with one ultimate goal in mind: Grow installs coming from organic search.

As the ShyftUp team, we had to address 2 challenges to set Personal Capital for success and deliver the desired outcome:

1) Understand and quantify Personal Capital’s keyword visibility in the App Store and Google Play Store.

2) Maximize Personal Capital’s keyword visibility in both stores.

The Solution

ShyftUp’s ASO service and systematic approach were a perfect match for Personal Capital’s aforementioned challenges, which we started tackling with actionable steps custom-tailored towards Personal Capital’s goal.

1. Keyword Research:
We performed very comprehensive keyword research to quantify Personal Capital’s existing keyword visibility so that we could use it as a benchmark to build on top of it. We scanned every keyword that Personal Capital and its competitors rank for and compiled a large pool of keywords by adding the ones above certain relevance and search score thresholds. When we were done, we had 3,407 keywords in our keyword pool. This gave us a very good understanding of the ASO landscape that Personal Capital is competing in and where it stands.

2. Reporting Setup:
We set up ASO KPI reporting for Personal Capital on our proprietary ASO dashboard, Metrikal ( This allowed us to measure and quantify every single optimization we rolled out, as well as to monitor all ASO-related KPIs on a weekly basis to make sure we made an impact on what matters: installs.

3. On-going Textual Optimizations:
Once we had a good understanding of our benchmark and had proper tracking and reporting in place, we started rolling out keyword optimizations to Personal Capital’s store listing page metadata every 2 weeks. Our goal was to maximize the total number of high search score and high-relevance keywords we ranked for.

Key Results

We saw amazing results within a very short period of time — as little as 6 months between January and July 2021. Here is the breakdown of our success for Personal Capital on iOS in the US – numbers speak for themselves:
1) # of keywords that Personal Capital ranks for increased by 96%
2) The average position improved by 21%
3) Median position improved by 35%
4) # of keywords that Personal Capital ranks for in the Top 1 improved by 286%
5) # of keywords that Personal Capital ranks for in the Top 3 improved from 231%
6) # of keywords that Personal Capital ranks for in the Top 5 improved from 233%
We are grateful and proud to be a part of such a great success as we are passionate about the work we do for all of our clients. Reach out to us today via [email protected] to learn how we can do the same for you.

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