Google App Campaigns Update: What You Should Know
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Google App Campaigns Update: What You Should Know



In a world where there are billions of app users and millions of apps to choose from, Google believes that connecting people to the right app is more crucial than ever before.

That’s why Google constantly improves its App campaigns to help app owners, developers, and marketers promote their apps in the most ideal time and place possible. Behind these updates, Google has increasingly used the power of artificial intelligence (A.I.) to automate workflow, improve ad placement processes, and enhance overall efficiency.

In its latest update, Google shares some of the most exciting ways App campaigns would help you reach users across Google’s vast network, obtain relevant marketing data, and enhance app ad performance.

With that said, here are some of the latest important App campaign updates that you should know.

Expanding Reach Across Channels

Google wants you to increase the scope of your ads as you reach more and more potential users. 

New ad formats

Google created new content-forward ad formats and will continue to add more formats in the new future. These new ad formats are compatible with Play, Search, adMob, Discover, and YouTube.

The best thing about the new ad formats is the Call-to-Action messaging and buttons that would persuade users even more to download your app.

YouTube Shorts ads

Short videos have catapulted TikTok to stardom, and other social media platforms instantly recognized the huge business potential of short videos. Thus, we see YouTube has its own version called Shorts.

Shorts have been a relatively new addition to YouTube. So, Google is still in the process of improving how to display ads. As part of the continuing effort of Google to improve ad placement, Shorts now adds an install overlay on the video itself. This means that users can quickly install your app with just a few clicks.

With this in mind, you would need to add more vertical videos in your App campaigns to take advantage of this new development.

New Google Play ad placement

When a user makes searches on Google Play, Google runs the App Discovery feature to show relevant apps. However, Google plans to also add relevant ads on the search results page later this year. This should help developers, no matter how big or small they are, in reaching the right people, especially when they are engaged the most.

To get an idea, here are some examples of how the new and improved ad placement looks like in different Google channels:

Google Play UpdateSource

Additional Tools to Track App Campaign Performance

Every app marketer knows the importance of knowing how your ad campaign is doing. While Google’s App campaign already has some powerful metric performance, trackers, Google still made analytics even more powerful and sophisticated with the following new features:

  • Ad group filtering – this helps you to specify which specific subset of your feed items would be shown to a particular ad group within a campaign. Please note, though, that ad group filtering is a feature available to Google Merchant Center feeds.
  • Promotional assets and seasonality adjustments – perfect for managing your ads during peak moments or when there’s a sudden change in users’ behavior. These adjustments are designed to help you take advantage of seasonality in marketing.
  • Improved deferred deep linking (DDL) – you can now connect your DDLs at an ad group level. This enables you to create more consistent app experiences for your users so that they only get the specific theme that you set for an ad group.
  • Auto-install – this is a great new feature that allows your users to automatically install your app when they pre-register for your app. This seamless installation process increases app installs, and you don’t need to remind users anymore that you have launched your app and they can now use it.
  • Video asset testing tool – Google is now in the process of creating a testing tool that allows you to compare your video assets’ performance. This new feature is expected to be available before the year ends.

Improved App Ads

Overall, Google aims to improve not just the quality but also the relevance of each app ad they serve. They use Dynamic Search Ads, which is a Google technology that helps you find new users every time they do a search query related to your app. Google is focused on improving this technology to ensure every user gets the most relevant ads with the least work on their part.

Aside from that, you’ll find more robust and reliable Smart Asset Selection models on Google Play Store. This means that Google Play can now accurately pinpoint which of your assets performs best and show those assets to users.

Stay Updated with Google App Campaigns

As you can imagine, the latest Google app campaign updates offer new and exciting opportunities for app developers and marketers to reach their desired users. The valuable tools that Google offers should not just help you access new markets but also track campaign performance in the most accurate and detailed way possible.

Now, staying up-to-date can be challenging, especially if you already have your hands full in running your business. Aside from that, knowing Google updates is not enough. You also need to understand what you should do with those updates and how you should adjust your marketing campaigns. Thankfully, ShyftUp is here for you.

ShyftUp is the leading user acquisition agency that has the right expertise when it comes to app marketing. They are among the first to know whenever Google releases new updates. They also have the relevant experience and tools to take advantage of any new features that the Google Play Store may offer.

So, give them a try today and see how you can improve your app’s success.

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