How to Perform an App Store Optimization (ASO) Audit with ChatGPT – Discord Android

How to Perform an App Store Optimization (ASO) Audit with ChatGPT – Discord Android


Buse Kanal

Are you ready to boost your app’s visibility and downloads? Join us for an exciting ASO Audit of the Discord app in the 4th episode of our YouTube series! 

In this special episode, we’re thrilled to bring you our first Android ASO Audit, powered by ChatGPT, our AI assistant!

Witness the synergy of human expertise and cutting-edge technology as we dive deep into Discord’s app optimization.

Here’s what you can expect in this groundbreaking audit:

✅ Keyword research to identify optimization opportunities

✅ Competitor analysis to stay ahead of the game

✅ Metadata analysis to optimize app title, short description, and long description

✅ Recommendations for improvement and quick tips to implement

Curious about the importance of app titles and short description? 🤔 We’ve got you covered with expert advice and strategies to make the most of these crucial elements.

Make sure to check out our ASO Audit series on our YouTube channel for more valuable content. 🎥 Don’t miss the opportunity to gain actionable insights and boost your app’s performance! 🔗

ASO Audits Playlist: @shyftup 

Video Timestamps

1:30 – Discord Android App Overall Look

4:05 – Keyword Research

6:15 – Title Optimization

12:20 – Short Description Optimization with ChatGPT

15:10 – Long Description Optimization with ChatGPT

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