PixelUp ASO Audit Report
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PixelUp ASO Audit Report


Buse Kanal


Pixelup is among the leading photo editing apps in app stores today. With over a million people who have downloaded the app, Pixelup has enjoyed a relatively high ranking in the App Store. In fact, Pixelup, by the time of this writing, is rated to be the #38 app in the Photo & Video category.

While Pixelup has already accomplished things that other photo editing apps haven’t achieved, there is still a way to maximize their app store visibility and therefore increase their chance of getting noticed. 

After all, the biggest room is the room for improvement. No matter how great Pixelup might already be, they can still do something to reach the number 1 spot and not be overtaken by competitors.

In this ASO audit, let’s take a look at how Pixelup can improve its keyword ranking in the most efficient way possible.

Keyword research

We did quick keyword research for Pixelup. We have shared the details at the end of this post. 

Looking at the research result, we can see that we are already ranking for some important keywords. Nevertheless, we have identified some great opportunities for us to take advantage of.

In this situation, ASO intelligence tools come in handy. These tools are effective in identifying popular keywords with the lowest competition. For example, at ShyftUp, we use Mobile Action to perform reliable keyword research.

Among the results we get is the term Search Score. Here’s a quick overview:

  • The Search Score ranges from 5 to 100. The score represents the number of users who are searching for a specific keyword compared to other keyword options in the App Store and Google Play.
  • To give you an example, one of the keywords with the highest ranking is the keyword, “Facebook.” It has a search score of 100.
  • The lowest score is 5, which means no one is virtually searching for that keyword. 

Going back to the results that we got, here’s how Pixelup’s ranking looks like:

  • “Photo filter” keyword has a search score of 34, which we rank at no. 52.
  • “Blur effect” keyword has a search score of 25, which we rank at no. 64.
  • “Blurry photo” keyword has a search score of 23, which we rank at no. 36.
  • “Picture enhancer” keyword has a search score of 22, which we rank at no. 66.
  • “Color editor” keyword has a search score of 20, which we rank at no. 64.

We also did research on competitor keywords. We got the following results:

  • “Afterlight” keyword has a search score of 42, which we rank at no. 60.
  • “Picplus” keyword has a search score of 26, which we rank at no. 21.
  • “Phototune” keyword has a search score of 21, which we rank at no. 32.
  • “Enhancefox” keyword has a search score of 21, which we rank at no. 22.

Keyword Ranking

The results show us that there is a lot of work to do. To ensure that we climb up the rankings, we should use these keywords in our metadata.


The title of Pixelup in the App Store is this:

Pixelup – AI Photo Enhancer

Take note that the App Store allows us to use up to 30 characters for the title. As of now, Pixelup is only using 27 characters. In the app store, every character counts and it should be maximized as much as possible.

In this case, Pixelup’s title can be changed to:

Pixelup: AI Enhance, Fix Photo

As you can see, we have added the word “fix.” This is a great move in terms of keyword ranking for the following reasons:

  • The term “fix” has a high search score of 32.
  • By adding the term “fix,” we can potentially rank for longer search terms such as “fix the photo” and “fix blurry photo.” Both have good ranking scores, which are 33 and 25 respectively.

Another change that we made to the title is using the word “enhance” instead of “enhancer”. The term “enhance” is more popular in searches compared to “enhancer”. This is evidenced by their keyword score. “Enhancer” only has 16 while “enhance” has 29.

All these changes to the title can potentially improve keyword ranking. However, please note that there are other combinations and possibilities when it comes to using keywords.

That’s the reason you need to constantly test these keywords. You should check your keyword ranking every week and see if the changes in your title brought better results.

Subtitle – Unblur, Colorize, Clear & Scan

Like the title, Apple allows us to use up to 30 characters in the subtitle. Pixelup already has a strong subtitle. For one, it has maximized the allotted 30 characters for the subtitle, which is great news! 

Looking at the search scores of the keywords included in the subtitle, the search score of unblur is 33, colorize is 33, clear is 58, and scan is 56. As you can see, all the keywords have high search scores and we can conclude that Pixelup has a strong subtitle.

To ensure we stay competitive, we must test the subtitle and its keywords continuously. One way to improve the subtitle is to go to the keyword pool. From there, we should continuously check how many keywords we are ranking for that are in the subtitle. For instance, we could check the keyword “unblur” in our keyword pool. 

After starting to use the “unblur” keyword, do we start ranking higher for these keywords? Do we start ranking for more keywords that include the “unblur”? If the keywords are not improving our ranking, then we should test other keywords and their variations. 


Looking at the ratings, we can see a lot of things to improve here. Take note that Pixelup, at the time of this writing, has an average rating of 4.3 stars from more than 4,000+ users.

Let’s compare that to their competitors:

  • PicPlus – 4.7 stars from 6,000+ users
  • Remini – 4.6 stars from 40,400+ users

We do need to improve app features and overall user experience to raise the ratings up and get more positive reviews.


Screenshots can either make or break your app. Use the wrong screenshots and you’ll surely chase away users. Use the right screenshots and you’ll attract more users.

As we take a look at Pixelup’s screenshots, we can see that they have chosen great images. It is super important to choose screenshots that show the value, features, and reasons why users should use your app.

In short, screenshots must convince users to choose your app.

The App Store allows us to use up to 10 screenshots. However, these screenshots don’t have equal exposure. As you may already know, potential users will initially see the first three screenshots. They need to open your page to see the rest of the screenshots.

With this in mind, you need to choose the best screenshots and place them on the first three screenshot slots.

To determine which screenshots give you the best result, A/B testing and Apple’s Product Page Optimization (PPO) are always the best way to go. 

Pixelup ss


Here are a few more things to consider:

  • Apple indexes the title, subtitle, and keyword list to determine app rankings in the App Store. 
  • The app title, which can be composed of up to 30 characters, is considered to be the most important ranking factor. Thus, you should add the most crucial keyword to your title. When you do that, you’ll most likely get a higher ranking for that keyword.
  • Next to the app title is the subtitle in terms of importance for indexing. Thus, other more vital keywords should be added to your subtitle. Add as many relevant and high-ranking keywords as possible to ensure you increase your ranking. Moreover, if possible, maximize the 30 character-limit for the subtitle.
  • Keyword list is considered to be the number 3 most important ranking factor in the App Store. You are allowed to use a maximum of 100 characters. You need to add all the keywords that you believe are relevant to your app. You can even include brand names and competitors’ keywords. You have more flexibility to include whatever you see fit based on your keyword research. After all, users won’t be able to see this list. Only you, as the admin, can see them via the App Store Connect.

Pixelup aso

This data is pulled from Mobile Action.

Disclaimer: In this ASO Audit, we haven’t used any private data, we have purely used public data.

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