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Product Page Optimization Update



Product page optimization (PPO) is one of the best tools Apple gives to its developers to better improve your app ranking, visibility, and downloads. With PPO, you can create three alternative product page versions for your main page. PPO allows you to compare screenshots, icons, and app previews to learn which of the versions connects better with your target audience.

Once you’re done running your test, you can then go to App Analytics where you can view the results. You can then compare the performance of each product page and choose the best-performing version.

As impressive as PPOs might be, there is always room for improvement. That’s why Apple recently released a new update that would help you be more efficient in improving your app.

The new update involves a feature that allows you to release new app versions in the middle of live tests. As you may know, if you’re running a live test, you can’t create a new app version. You would need to first stop your test and then make your new app version available, which is actually a dull process.

This has now changed with the recent update Apple released.

The update gives you the ability to release a new app version without interrupting ongoing live tests. The benefits of this new update include the following:

  • It saves you time. For a live test to be more accurate, you need to run it for at least two weeks. Now, if you’re in the middle of a live test and you need to launch a new app version, it would be disappointing to stop your live test and then re-run it again afterward. As you can imagine, this process can waste a lot of time.
  • It leads to new business opportunities. In the past, if you didn’t want to interrupt a live test, you would need to wait for days or even weeks just to launch your new app version. Thankfully, the new update allows you to release new app versions regardless of whether you have an ongoing test or not. This actually helps you to grab new business opportunities as it presents themselves without worrying about your live tests.
  • It saves you money. Perhaps, you are paying people by the hour. Ending your live test prematurely means you need more hours to finish another live test, which would then lead to additional expenses.
  • It saves you energy. Running live tests demands energy and effort. Since you will be running live tests more efficiently by reducing the time you have to repeat the same steps or tasks, you get more things done with a lesser amount of effort on your part.

Apple’s new PPO feature is a game-changer but only for those who know how to take advantage of it. Don’t get behind, and be sure to use the seamless app version release feature as soon as possible so you get a competitive edge.

At ShyftUp, we work with you to ensure you get the biggest advantages from recent advantages. We have the expertise to use the latest PPO update to streamline your app development process. Aside from that, we have the relevant tools to gather crucial data to create plans that should give you the best results in the quickest way possible.

Of course, that’s not all that we offer. We are a full-service user acquisition agency that always strives to go above and beyond.

We have heavily invested in creating an in-house team of expert designers who have the impressive skills to craft captivating app store screenshots and other visual elements that grab people’s attention and leave a lasting impression.

With a high level of creativity, we offer unlimited design variations and revisions until we exceed your expectations. We don’t produce mediocre results, but rather we always make sure that every design stands out from the crowd.

We don’t stop until you are satisfied. We give you positive results supported by data we gather from A/B tests and other experiments. And now, thanks to Apple’s new PPO feature, we can run tests for you in a faster manner.

It’s not every day that golden opportunities come your way. That’s why you shouldn’t let this chance slip your fingers. You have the power to take your app’s visibility to new heights and open a floodgate of new users. 

Let us work together with you and create powerful marketing strategies you have not seen before. Contact us today and see how we can dramatically help

We eagerly look forward to discussing how we can join forces and skyrocket your app’s success. Your time is now!

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