7 Reasons Why Campaign Planning for Apple Search Ads
Apple Search Ads

7 Reasons Why Campaign Planning for Apple Search Ads


Buse Kanal

Apple Search Ads have been around since 2016, and since then, Apple updates its app store policies regularly and its running network for maximum optimization. In this article, we discuss why campaign planning for ASA is important, along with a few tips and tricks.


Apple Search Ads is a channel that helps make a business appear on top of the list of relevance when particular keywords are in use. A bidding war takes place to get a higher position in the eyes of the consumer within the app store. The sponsored ads appear on both iPhones and iPads.


ShyftUp is a global full-service mobile user acquisition firm based in San Francisco. Our key offering is boosting mobile app users with an ROI-driven strategy. App Store Optimization (ASO) and Paid User Acquisition are the two primary services we focus on to help you build your user base. We want to explain 7 reasons why campaign planning for ASA is crucial on your way to success.

What is an Apple Search Ads campaign?


Apple Search Ads campaigns help people discover apps and businesses gain popularity. They serve to grow an app and your business. 70% of people visiting the apple store search for apps with keywords and 65% of all downloads happen after the search according to the information provided by Apple itself. With an Apple Search Ads campaign, you can advertise your apps on the top of the list and increase traffic to your app.

7 reasons why campaign planning for Apple Search Ads is essential


Apple Search Ads campaign plays a significant role in the growth of your app on the app storeBelow are seven reasons why campaign planning for Apple Search Ads is essential:


1. Maximizing visibility of the app

With the correct combination of keyword search, your app comes on top of the search list on all iPhone and iPad devices. During an Apple Search Ads campaign, there are two types of payment methods used by the businesses, CPM(Cost Per Thousand Impressions) and CPT(Cost Per Tap). One can either choose the keywords for their app or let the Apple generator create it for them.


2. Choose your audience

You can choose the audience to which you want to direct your ads. It can be on the basis of their gender, age, geography, or the Apple product they use (iPhone or iPad). The method makes it easy for a business to push ads towards your target audience instead of a broader more generic audience. It helps you save money if you are paying CPT.


3. Schedule your ads

You can now schedule particular times or days on which you want your ads to show. It can also include specific dates. With proper research, you can increase your popularity. If your business has seasonal apps, you can use this technique to promote your apps when in-season and save money when it’s off-season.


4. Creative ads generator

You don’t have to worry about outsourcing creative marketing ideas for your app store product page.  Apple Search Ads campaign uses the metadata and the visuals directly from your app store product page to generate creative ads for you. The delivery is optimized so that, you can receive maximum results.


5. Spend only within your budget

Apple Search Ads campaigns have no minimum spending limits. So, you can have an ads campaign within your budget. You can now set up daily cap prices for how much you are willing to spend per day. You can also arrange the maximum amount of money that you would be spending in total on the campaign. The amount can be changed whenever you feel it is necessary. You can start, stop or even adjust your campaign goals at any time.


6. Using data tools to maximize campaign results

Apple stores provide mobile marketers with the best data tools to gather insight about their campaigns. You can view reports of your campaign to see what works and what doesn’t. You can even get customized reports about every aspect of your campaign, whether it’s keyword-based, region-based, or time-based. App store also provides recommendations made just for you to optimize your ads campaign through bids and daily cap suggestions. You are free to change and adjust any setting at any time.


7. Higher app store ranking

With Apple Search Ads campaigns, you are available at the top of the list of the intended buyers. As the target audience starts to notice your app through the ads campaign, you will start gathering a high ranking in the app store. This will allow a good inflow of organic traffic even without the ads campaign.


How can an Apple Search Ads campaign help your app marketing?


Apple store tries to provide a common place for advertising business providers and consumers to match their preferences. It has intelligent data-driven technology giving the desired result at a price determined by the business.


Apple Search Ads campaign protects you against fraud and assure brand safety. The user has full transparency of what goes on with their apps in the app store. You are free to choose what is correct for you from the numerous services provided.


Tips and tricks for an effective Apple Search Ads campaign


    • Know your target audience
    • A regular check of customized reports and action based on them
    • Don’t try bidding too high or outside your budget.
    • Set daily caps
    • Check your keyword reports and help optimize it


Apple Search Ads campaign is the best way to go for mobile marketingIt is easy to manage, budget-friendly, and drives fast results. So next time you want to start an Apple Search Ads campaign, visit the app store or reach out to us, so we can get it started for you.


Do you need help with your user acquisition efforts? Contact us today, and let’s discuss the many ways we can work together to reach your goals.

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