iOS 15 Expert Tips for App Growth
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iOS 15 Expert Tips for App Growth


Buse Kanal

Apple introduced iOS 15 back in September 2021. However, even after a few years, many app marketers and developers haven’t fully tapped into the potential of this OS version to boost their app’s growth. If you’re eager to discover expert tips for leveraging iOS 15 updates to supercharge your App Store Optimization (ASO) efforts, this article is a must-read.

What’s New in iOS 15 App Store Optimization (ASO)?

The iOS 15 has revolutionized the way app marketers approach ASO as well as how the iOS user interface works. These updates bring a breath of fresh air for app developers and marketers looking to enhance their App Store listings. Let’s dive into some of the noteworthy changes:

  • In-app event promotion
  • Custom product pages
  • Improved A/B testing capabilities

Apple’s motivation behind these changes is clear: to enhance the App Store user experience and make app discovery more accessible. Simultaneously, they provide app marketers with innovative ways to tap into uncharted territories and boost their app download numbers.

5 Expert Tips for App Growth Based on iOS 15 Updates

If you haven’t yet integrated the iOS 15 changes into your ASO strategy and mobile app development, now is the perfect time to catch up. Neglecting these updates could restrict your app’s reach and potential for growth. Here are five actionable tips to enhance your ASO campaign immediately:

1. Leverage In-App Events in iOS 15 for ASO

In iOS 15, Apple enables you to create up to 10 in-app events, ranging from challenges and competitions to live streaming events. You can choose to publish up to five of these events on your App Store listing.

The in-app events you create are referred to as event cards, which Apple will show on your product page, within search results, and even in editorial content across tabs like Today, Apps, or Games. Users can interact with these event cards by tapping on them to access event details, opt-in for notifications, or sign up for the events.,

In-app events iOS 15Source

The impact of in-app events on ASO

Incorporating in-app events can significantly boost your app’s visibility and user engagement. By featuring event cards on your product page, you can grab users’ attention, motivating them to download your app. Furthermore, you can amplify traffic to your App Store listing by promoting the event page through various channels, such as email and social media, ultimately leading to increased downloads.

In addition, the information on these event cards is indexed, opening up new avenues to target specific, time-sensitive, or seasonal keywords. This can greatly enhance your app’s discoverability among potential users.

Finally, for those users who have already downloaded your app, these event cards will take precedence over screenshots in their search results, fostering ongoing engagement, improved user retention, and top-of-mind awareness.

Utilizing In-App Events for ASO Improvement

Here are some tips on how you can harness the potential of in-app events for ASO:

  • Plan ahead: Register your events at least two weeks before their scheduled start to build anticipation and maximize exposure.
  • Optimize metadata: Ensure that your event card’s metadata includes relevant keywords to enhance ASO and effectively reach your target audience.

Even if your app doesn’t naturally align with in-app events, you can still leverage this feature creatively. Consider using it to announce new app releases, limited-time promotions, or even real-world events like in-store promotions, demonstrating its versatility and potential impact on your ASO strategy.

2. Create Custom Product Pages

Perhaps the most exciting addition of iOS 15 is the ability to create custom product pages. These are alternative versions of your main product page. Apple allows you to create up to 35 versions of your App Store page, which gives you more freedom to send more personalized and relevant content to your users.

Custom Product Pages CPP iOS 15Source

Each custom product page comes with a unique URL. Depending on your marketing strategy, you can create a custom product page to showcase a specific feature of your app, send important announcements, create a landing page for app promotion, and so much more.

Use custom product pages as part of your paid Apple Search Ads campaign. The primary objective of this feature is to bolster your paid user acquisition strategies. By using these customized pages to attract high-quality traffic to your app listing, you are more likely to entice individuals who stand to benefit from your app the most.

3. Improve visibility in search results

Before the release of the iOS 15, search results included screenshots of previously downloaded apps. However, this is not the case anymore with iOS 15. There are no screenshots and they are replaced with event cards. With the removal of screenshots, users can now see more apps in their search results without the need to scroll. 

Impact of Heightened Search Result Visibility on ASO

The improved visibility in search results carries significant implications for your App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy. It can substantially increase your exposure to new users, as they are more likely to encounter your app without having to scroll through numerous search results. 

This holds true even if your app doesn’t secure the top positions in search rankings. It enables you to target more competitive keywords and attain a high enough ranking for your listing to be prominently visible to a broader audience.

4. Optimizing ASO with the iOS 15 App Store Discovery Widget

A new feature In iOS 15 includes the discovery widget, which the App Store displays in the editorial content. This new feature allows users to see featured apps on the home screen even without opening the App Store. For marketers, this presents invaluable opportunities to enhance exposure, build brand recognition, and drive traffic.

The discovery widget gives you more reasons to do your best to get featured on the App Store editorial content. Once you’re featured, you’ll surely see a spike in your download rate.

Leveraging the Discovery Widget for ASO

Don’t simply wait around, hoping that one day your app will magically appear in the App Store’s editorial content. What you can do is send Apple a simple form and ask them to consider your app.

Moreover, there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of getting featured. Here are some of them:

  • Add unique app features
  • Take advantage of iOS’s latest functionalities
  • Regularly update your app
  • Engage with user comments 
  • Continually optimize your app

5. Use iOS 15’s A/B Testing and Product Page Optimization

One of the most powerful marketing tools Apple offers is the native A/B testing capabilities. This feature empowers app marketers to conduct tests on up to three versions of an app page, spanning a period of up to 90 days, all with the goal of determining which version resonates best with their core audience. Furthermore, this product page optimization feature is not bound by geographic limitations, allowing for the creation of localized app pages that cater specifically to users in designated locations.

There are different metrics you can analyze with the new AB testing tool of iOS 15. The app analytics give you insights into re-downloads, total downloads, processing data, average revenue per paying user (ARPPU), pre-orders, and updates using app analytics. You can even gain invaluable insights into your audience’s behavior and your app’s performance.

Become an expert in growing your app with the iOS 15

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