ShyftUp Has 5-stars on Clutch!

ShyftUp Has 5-stars on Clutch!


Buse Kanal

At ShyftUp, we help businesses achieve growth by amplifying their userbase with ROI-driven approaches. We’re a user acquisition agency that provides paid user acquisition and app store optimization. We are focused on transforming our clients’ paid marketing budget into real users and revenue.

Since 2017, we’ve been helping SMEs around the world become visible and reach a wider audience. We plan, execute, and monitor custom-tailored advertising campaigns. Whether you are at the early stages of user acquisition or you already have a scaled-up program, we are the right partner in taking your business to the next level!

We recently joined Clutch, the leading reviews and ratings platform in the B2B space. Headquartered in Washington, DC., Clutch aims to connect businesses with the best agencies for their B2B needs. Their team of analysts collects clients’ feedback, analyzes industry data, and compares competitors in the market to provide entrepreneurs and managers with the information they need. Beyond being a B2B company resource, Clutch also ranks service providers based on various factors, including industry experience, verified client reviews, and market presence.

With that, we’re excited to receive our very first review on Clutch!

The review came from Personal Capital, a financial services company that hired us due to our experience, expertise, and cost. We have supported their app store optimization efforts, and we’ve worked on both the iOS and Android app stores. We focused our campaigns on growing their app store presence. We conducted keyword analysis, keyword optimization, and search ad campaigns. We deployed five teammates to work on this project.

Our work has significantly improved the client’s rankings on the app store, and we have exceeded the client’s expectations. They praised our effective workflow and the close partnership we facilitated with their team. “Their work all around was impressive,” said Hamid Schricker, Senior Director of Product for the financial services company.

Personal Capital then rated us for our quality of work, scheduling, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and their overall experience with our work. They gave us a perfect five-star rating across all metrics!


ShyftUp has 5 stars in Clutch


In addition, we’ve also ranked highly on the Manifest, where we have been featured as a Top Mobile Application Marketing Company in San Francisco! The Manifest is a business news website that compiles and analyzes practical business wisdom for innovators, entrepreneurs, and business managers. Users can browse past projects of the agencies listed on the platform. That said, we’re proud to be included among the best companies in our field.

We thank our client for providing our very first review on Clutch! We appreciate their detailed and honest feedback about our work. Their positive review affirms our commitment to effective user acquisition approaches and our dedication to our clients. We encourage our other clients to leave their reviews on Clutch!

Do you need help with your user acquisition efforts? Contact us today, and let’s discuss the many ways we can work together to reach your goals.

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