User Acquisition: What Does It Entail?
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User Acquisition: What Does It Entail?


Buse Kanal

As of the first quarter of 2021, Android users can now choose from 3.48 million applications present on the Google Store, while Apple users are free to pick from 2.2 million apps. All these choices mean one thing: An unprecedented degree of competition. With every application vying for the user’s attention, companies that create and own these apps have the enormous task of getting those clicks. This is where app marketing, also known as user acquisition, comes into play. We will deep-dive in user acquisition and how a marketing team goes about achieving it.


User acquisition refers to the marketing activity directed towards increasing the number of users that visit a website, mobile application, and other platforms. For many businesses, app user acquisition will require extensive data analysis with regards to their target demographic. After which, they will create a strategy that will help to convert new users and further the growth of their application.


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Types of user acquisition and how it works

To better understand user acquisition, it is essential to look at the various forms that marketing teams can carry out. These forms include:


  • App store optimization

This involves a dynamic process of adding certain keywords or aspects that will encourage an algorithm to push a particular application. This process depends on every aspect of the application, from the name to the keywords that are used to describe it.


This is also known as paid user acquisition and will involve the use of media platforms to advertise the app. A company will use existing third-party platforms like social media frequently visited by potential target users and advertise the app directly.


  • Owned user acquisition

This marketing takes place through channels that belong exclusively to the company, like emails, messages, and other channels. A company can use this form of marketing to further engage the users without any extra expenses.


Depending on the strategy that a company is looking to implement, app user acquisition will take place through these three methods.


From the above methods, it also becomes clear that app user acquisition involves two essential aspects.

Firstly, a company will have to find out who its potential users are. This refers to the people that will be most receptive to the creation of the app. This can involve individuals who use similar applications or are more likely to find a use for an app that will help their present situation.

After doing so, the marketing agency will cater to this specific audience using one or a hybrid of the aforementioned methods. This second step in a user acquisition strategy usually involves advertisements that will help to draw in the app users that a company is targeting.


How to acquire users for your app? 

When it comes to app marketinga company is looking for a sole outcome. Exposure then results in the conversion of users. Keeping this in mind, some marketing teams use the following strategies:


  • Viral content 

This strategy involves creating an app that has the potential of becoming a trend. This gives special emphasis to obtaining users through recommendations from existing users. For this strategy to work, a company will have to utilize social media platforms for better exposure as well as other in-app incentives.


  • Significant volume

A company can also opt to create a large volume of diverse content to promote its apps. This content can involve a well-designed website, articles, customer reviews, videos, and more. By creating so much content on so many mediums, users are more likely to come across the app and therefore, use it.


  • Partnerships

One can also approach influencers or individuals that have a significant following to promote the app for them. Make sure to partner up with individuals who share the same interests as the app that they are promoting.


  • Rapid innovations

The app or service that is constantly improving through updates and added features is always desirable to new and already existing users. It can also help to rise above the competition in case there are similar apps out there.


Implementing a successful user acquisition strategy 

When faced with the question of ‘how to acquire users for your app’, the answer is simple: A well-implemented strategy. For a strategy to be implemented properly, it will have to have the following steps:


  • Optimization

Organic user acquisition strategies like the app store or website optimization are one of the most cost-effective but essential aspects of user acquisition. This involves using keywords in the app description that will favor the algorithm and attain more visibility.


  • Social media marketing 

Since it is an application, advertising on social media platforms seems like a no-brainer. However, the advertisements should cater to the specific demographic for it to have the highest returns. To ace the social media marketing campaigns, consider making video advertisements instead of still images, which have a 64% likelihood of converting.


  • Free trials

Giving new users a free trial is one of the most effective ways to attract them. This is especially relevant for the apps that function on a paid subscription basis. The trial will have to showcase all the features that are available upon paying for the subscription. To make it more desirable, consider focusing on specific features that a user will find more useful.


  • Recommendations

For users to latch on to an app or platform quickly, working towards obtaining referrals is a must. One can choose to create an application that incentivizes referrals through discounts. Other methods include creating a network for people to share their experiences with the app or create easy-to-share referral codes.


Therefore, user acquisition can contribute a great deal to the increase in the number of users. Be it organic user acquisition or paid, a successful strategy requires a significant amount of testing and planning while implementing all the aforementioned safe practices.


Do you need help with your user acquisition efforts? Contact us today, and let’s discuss the many ways we can work together to reach your goals.

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