App Store Optimization (ASO) for Beginners
App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) for Beginners


Buse Kanal

The attention span of app users, like that of online website visitors, can be short. Why waste time scrolling through dozens of alternatives when one of the top five or ten apps appears to be suitable? You must know the A to Z about App Store Optimization (ASO) to ensure that your mobile app stands high at the mobile app store rankings.


Understanding app store optimization is critical for getting your business app noticed by users among the thousands of apps available in the App Store, which has always been the biggest challenge in bringing apps to the forefront. It would be simple to improve your app’s rank if you understand the notion of App Store Optimization (ASO).


ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank better in App Store search results, allowing the mobile app to get seen by all potential customers. As the app’s prominence grows, so does the number of visitors to the app’s page.


ShyftUp is a global full-service mobile user acquisition firm based in San Francisco. Our key offering is boosting mobile app users with an ROI-driven strategy. App Store Optimization (ASO) and Paid User Acquisition are the two primary services we focus on to help you build your user base. We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise to guide you through any user acquisition related questions you might have.


Difference between SEO and ASO


  • The basic definitions

App Store Optimization, or ASO, increases organic app downloads by increasing an app’s exposure by app store marketing. Meanwhile, the process of boosting the visibility of your webpages in organic search engine results webpages to bring more quality traffic to a website is known as SEO.


  • Purpose

ASO’s overall purpose is to improve an app’s rankings for high-volume keywords, with the end goal of increasing the number of downloads. Whereas, the ultimate purpose of SEO is to use organic search engines to bring more quality traffic to your website and assist consumers in finding answers to their inquiries or discovering new products or services.


  • Search intent 

App store search intent: Phrases in the app stores are typically shorter than those on the web. People often browse individual applications by brand name or search for a new mobile app that meets a specific requirement. As a result, search queries are more useful and tied to specific app features.


Search intent on the web: Search queries tend to be longer and more detailed due to the plethora of information available. People use the internet to find answers to specific inquiries or do transactional searches to purchase a particular product or service.


Why is ASO important for your app?


ASO is the most crucial discovery route for your app battling for higher rankings. Still, many individuals avoid engaging in ASO, which will become a trump card for your online economy and impact the complete success of your mobile app.


The app store title (the keyword used in the title must generate a lot of traffic) and keywords (based on relevancy and target audience) are the essential ASO criteria. The total amount of downloads, ratings, and reviews are secondary ASO factors that play a significant role in app store optimization.



How does ASO work?

Let’s look at how ASO works by accomplishing two main criteria. ASO has two main objectives: increasing app visibility and boosting conversion rates.


This is where ASO comes into play. The approach of constantly tracking and searching for developments in the mobile app store will grant you the most control. You can use search results to boost the visibility of your app with this approach.


You wouldn’t need the administrative team’s support or the popularity bestowed upon you by people through search results. All you need is a basic understanding of app store algorithms.


The improvement of the detailed information on your app page is a part of app store optimization. You’ll find out that there are several approaches for writing convincing app descriptions, creating great app sample movies, and designing gorgeous images and icons through ASO.


Areas of work


  • Increasing the number of organic installs

Optimizing your app page and meeting all of the ASO benchmarks will undoubtedly make your app stand out from the crowd.


  • Attract the right people

ASO search will provide you with a list of keywords, and including them in your application title tags can help your app store for those terms.


  • Increase your revenue

You’ll need more installations and users if you want to finance your app with ads or in-app transactions.


  • Reduce the cost of acquiring new users and ensure long-term growth.

Rather than allocating a budget for ads, concentrate on sustained growth with app store optimization to decrease your user acquisition costs. It not only saves you money but also assures that your business grows steadily.

Tips and tricks for ASO


  • Sort the app into the appropriate category

If you put your mobile app in the wrong category, you might encounter many problems. It may result in an Apple rejection stamp.


  • Know your keyword’s advantages

Instead of employing solely well-known terms, try using keywords in the medium or long-distance app store. It is because popular terms are more difficult to categorize.


  • Encourage people to write favorable reviews

Nothing beats an excellent user experience when it comes to ASO in app store marketing. People will take a closer look at an app if they like it.


  • Keep your app’s quality high

ASO only works if the app’s quality is maintained. Effective app management technologies can help in the maintenance and improvement of app rankings.


Do you need help with your user acquisition efforts? Contact us today, and let’s discuss the many ways we can work together to reach your goals.

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