Comparison Between Apple Search Ads: Basic Vs. Advanced
Apple Search Ads

Comparison Between Apple Search Ads: Basic Vs. Advanced


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Ads have become the inviting aspect for users to download your mobile application. However, most users are often confused about the App Store’s two alternatives of Apple Search Ads: Basic and Advanced. This guide will take you through the options and help you decide which one fits your needs more.


There’s no denying that having your app appear at the top of search results so that users can find it quickly is essential to its success. In reality, Apple claims that 60% of downloads originate through the App Store’s search function. It’s no surprise that advertisers and developers are continually looking for new methods. They want to make their apps more discoverable by using technologies like Apple Search Ads to achieve this.


As a result of the success of Search Ads, Apple recently stated that it would release a revised draft that would be beneficial to programmers with smaller budgets and a more comprehensive range of marketing objectives.


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What is Apple Search Ads: Basic?


Apple Search Ads – Basic is what it says on the tin. The function got designed to make it easier for indie and micro app developers to obtain more installs with less effort.


First and foremost, Basic Apple Search Ads operate on a cost-per-install (CPI) basis. For your Search Ads campaign, this effectively sets a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goal. Without a doubt, this is a benefit because you only spend for the users you get. Second, it is aimed squarely at smaller developers. It restricts you to a monthly campaign budget of USD 10,000 per app and a maximum of 50 apps to promote.


What is Apple Search Ads: Advanced?

If you’ve been running advertisements on the App Store since the launch of Search Ads, you’re already familiar with Apple Search Ads – Advanced. Apple has changed the name of the old ad channel from Apple Search Ads to Advanced Apple Search Ads to avoid confusion with the new Basic platform.


You have complete control over your App Store marketing campaigns using Advanced. It involves all aspects of management as well as reporting. As a result, you’ll be able to respond faster and be more versatile with your App Search Ads.


What is the difference between the two?




  • Basic

You don’t need any special skills to run these ads, but you only have minimal influence over the campaign.

You only need to tell Apple specifics about your app, the countries where you want to get it promoted, and your monthly cost. After that, clever automation develops your ad and connects it to users that are likely to download it, resulting in the highest number of downloads.


  • Advanced

You can use your keywords or Apple’s suggestions. You may also utilize the search-match function to match your ad to relevant App Store users automatically.

This tool links your advertisements to search keywords by using metadata from your App Store listing, details about similar sites in the same category, and other relevant keywords, rather than you having to identify all keyword options and manually bid on them.




  • Basic

This solution uses a cost-per-install (CPI) pricing model, in which you only pay for app installs and have the option of setting a maximum CPI. You have the option of using this amount or arranging your own.

Basic Apple Search Ads has a monthly maximum bid of $10,000 per app.


  • Advanced

Advanced pricing depends on a cost-per-tap (CPT) approach, which means you only pay when someone touches on your ad. The actual cost of Apple Search Ads is defined as “second pricing auction, which determines the CPT you pay depending on what your nearest rival is ready to pay for a tap on their ad, up to your maximum CPT bid,” according to Apple.




  • Basic

Basic Ads include accessibility to the Attribution API, but not keyword information or the Campaign Management API.


  • Advanced

You may use the Attribution API to track app installs and re-downloads from your initiatives, which will help measure the costs of various customer segments and keywords that generated the conversion.


Which one is better for you?

If you have an application on the App Store for iPhone or iPad, you can use either Basic or Advanced.


To advertise the same app, you can simultaneously run Basic and Advanced Search Ads that Apple offers. Any improvements made in Advanced campaigns won’t be reflected to the Basic campaigns. Displaying both types of advertising at the same time has no benefit in the auction. This is because only one ad for the same app is acceptable per auction.


We suggest that you conduct some thought and analysis before deciding between Basic and Advanced.  A few points that you should consider are:

  • Your organic growth objectives, and how does sponsored search fit into that picture?
  • The demographic of your target market
  • Your budget for taps and installations


Apple Search Ads Basic and Advanced can significantly influence the effectiveness of your application, but always make sure to take an in-depth look before you jump in.


Do you need help with your user acquisition efforts? Contact us today, and let’s discuss the many ways we can work together to reach your goals.

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